About Us

Today, more than any other time in history, human beings are greatly in need of community. With the fast pace of modern times, human relationships often get “sidestepped” in priority. And often they don’t even have time to exist. Our ever changing, impersonal world around us leaves the human family more than ever before in the quandary of loneliness, broken dreams and shattered promises. People don’t feel that they “belong anywhere” anymore. Numbers are substituted for names and mere acquaintances for deep lasting friendships. Isolation, for many, has become the rule rather than the exception. The Plantation Seventh-day Adventist Church would like to make a difference in these matters of our community surrounding us. You make a difference! And without you, that difference will be hampered. We always put these 5 principles above everything else and we apply them in our practice daily:

  1. Focusing on our visitors and their immediate needs.
  2. Creating the best worship experience.
  3. Providing an opportunity for all to get involved.
  4. Keeping close touch with our visitors and welcome them back.
  5. Covering as wide a range of backgrounds and experiences as possible.

We’ll Keep You Coming Back with our…

Rich Worship Experience

Whenever it’s possible to worship, we’ll make sure it’ll be most spirit-filled and meaningful worship experience for you. Our three dynamic worship teams will help to usher the presence of The Lord with uplifting songs and encouragement for your life.

Genuine Interest in You

When we are aware of your need, our approach is to help you in fast and timely manner. Our seasoned team of Ministry Leaders and Elders are determined to help you as quickly and in as many ways as possible.

Bible Study and Prayer

Bible Study and prayer are the fundamental building blocks for the Christian life. The road to recovery may be long and hard when faced alone so we are always praying for you.

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Our heavenly Father has a thousand ways to provide for us, of which we know nothing. Ellen G. White

We're welcoming new volunteers and qualified individuals all year long. If you would like to join our team please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear?

Our belief is that you should come as you are. This means jeans and t-shirts; for others it may mean a suit and a tie. We don’t have a dress code. We’re genuinely interested in you, not your attire.

Q: Do you allow anyone to get involved in Church Services?

We allow anyone who is willing to work for the Lord once they have a willing heart and a welcoming spirit.

Q: What is your appointment policy?

Our Pastors must work by an appointment. Unfortunately, sometimes appointments take longer than expected and do require longer time frames than scheduled. When this happens, your patience is appreciated. A sincere attempt is made to adhere to the Pastor Office schedule as much as possible.